Hey, as you’ve probably already assumed, I’m just a teen. And with being a teen comes responsibility at home and at school. (Sigh) So the computer has now become a want that I sometimes don’t get even 20 minutes a day. And have a wordpress can be kind of hard to maintain and constantly updating with this stupid teen stuff. So I will probably be either deleting this blog, or just sadly go months without checking it. So sorry if this bums some of you guys out. But these teen things have become so much more of a pain when school started…… so yea. C ya later, Rainyday!


New Pics!

NathanielThere are new Pictures on the Picture Page! And many will knock ur socks off! Hope you enjoy!



Example One:

The chains I now wear are pulling me down. Making me decide quicker and less wisely. Why now was everything crashing down, crashing down from heaven, to the hell where I now stood. But there was one thing I was sure about. Antonio. He was here with me, helping me escape, helping my decision. If Anotonio…was…decent, why couldn’t other demons in hell be? Hell, I was in hell and I wasn’t evil. Or so I thought.


Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Hey everyone, being my bored self and when writing is not coming thoroughly I get on wordpress and search. Well then when that didn’t workย I called one of my friends that I haven’t talked to in a long time. And WHABAM she told me about her own wordpress! It’s really awesome and I think everyone would like it! So everyone if you have time check out:

and, my other really awesome friend started one long before I knew anything about wordpress and her’s is:

So hope you enjoy them as much as I did and am still doing! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

Girl’s Music

Hey here is an awesome song I just found when roaming Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, it will mean more to girls, so guys hush up and go to the Guy’s Music page for your music. ๐Ÿ™‚

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Guardian Angel

Nathaniel Needs To Decide

Nathaniel Has To Choose

Nathaniel Has To Choose

Nathaniel dies and is an angel, but at heart she doesn’t know if she was meant for a life of hell or to sit by God’s right hand. Nathaniel grew up believing in heaven and hell, always knowing when she died it would be heaven that accepted her. Now that she’s there, she’s not sure if she was destined to be an angel like she believed, or to be the demon she falls for…..

The Angel Code

When a sixteen year old girl dies she is sent to be an angel in heaven. It’s been over a year and she’s found love, and her brother, Lucifer. Nathaniel grew up with a male’s name but in heaven she learns her name means, Angel of Fire. During Nathaniel’s first assignment, to help God side by side, she sees him. A beautiful demon who was sent as a messenger from hell. Something about him catches Nathaniel’s attention. When God is in need for a messenger to send to hell, Nathaniel steps up, wanting to see the perfect demon. But her brother, Lucifer, is in need of her help if he is fullfill the plan he has unraveled to no one. When Nathaniel is sent to hell, as a messenger she finds herself trapped from sending a message that Satin finds infuriating. When the demon she fell for, Antonio, comes on guard duty one night, he feels the sympathy he left in the coffin and helps her escape. Now that Nathaniel is back in heaven, she knows somethings wrong and she’s endanger. Michael, her partner sees her and pulls her into hiding.He tells her about how her brother, Lucifer, and many other angel were thrown down to earth from trying to take over heaven. But when Raphael hears the news that Nathaniel is back he throws her down to earth, thinking she was one of the masterminds behind the plan. But when Raphael throws her she lands in Paris, doomed to live forever as the world’s first vampire. Her brother Lucifer, and his followers are already there, waiting for her, and from there, Nathaniel, once the angel, is now the immortal demon known as a vampire and has turned to the dark side, scheming a plan to sabatoge heaven.